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Opus 13, 2007.2 (Landauer-Büttiker)
Thanks for choosing Wikepage. Wikepage is wiki standart, easy to use, databaseless and small wiki-blog-rss reader hybrid software.

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Please help the internationalization works of Wikepage. Just download latest English file from http://www.wikepage.org outlink and translate file to your language. You can mail it to sblisesivdin-AT-gmail.com.


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Long waited Opus 10 is now available!
Long waited Opus 10 is now available! As i said before, Opus 10 is mostly a bugfix version. Thanks to Mr. Tomasz Milewski and Mr. Tim Davis, many bug's and improvements are done. Detailed improvements and bugfixes are listed below: Missing translations and variables fixed. thanks Mr. Tomasz Milewski Blog entry page is corrected. Nearly 30 fixes in index.html and in filter function is done for a better XHTML validation. thanks Mr. Tomasz Milewski New variable system. New template system. thanks Mr. Tim Davis Improved links, static page link with an explanation is now possible. More detailed wiki_style page which includes new systems, and new link types. Date problem of blog is solved.

[th.gif] Thai translation
Thai translation Our 11th translation came from Thailand. Thanks to Asst. Prof. Prachid Tinnabutr for his great efforts.

[ptbr.gif] Brazilian Portuguese translation
Brazilian Portuguese translation Thanks very much to Jose Carlos Medeiros who is the translator of the Brazilian Portuguese translation of Wikepage Opus 12. Yes, Wikepage is now in eight languages.

Wikepage Opus 8 2006.1b released!
Wikepage Opus 8 2006.1b released! Ok.. I accept. Edit confirmation box is not a good idea. We remove it with protecting security solution. In Opus 7, file upload support was included for a first time and adjusted to upload max. of 1Mbit files. Uh. It's only 122Kb. Sorry for this restriction. I raised it up to 1Mb. You can adjust it from index.php, 1Megabyte is nearly 8.5Mbits, Or simply 8Mbits. And a little url filtering issue solved which affect from 2006.1.

[de.gif] German translation for Opus 13
German translation for Opus 13 Thanks to Dr. Detlef Steuer for the new translation for Opus 13.


My new site!

Thu, 26 Oct 2006 - 15:38:12 CEST  [Edit ]

I have a new website with a new PHP script "Wikepage". It's wiki-blog hybrid little script that uses flat files, so it does not need any database.

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